What is DMC?

Real Data,Onwership,Storage Dapp

What is DMC?

Datamall Chain is an open-source blockchain platform with the DMC token serving as a utility token. It aims to incentivize real data transactions in Web3 and provide stable, reliable, and secure decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3, enabling users to securely store and exchange data.
By combining the decentralized nature of blockchain technology with the automation capabilities of smart contracts, DMC offers a novel solution that emphasizes data ownership and reliable data transactions. Within the industry, DMC has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by implementing the authentic right of data storage, allowing users to have ownership and control over their data. Furthermore, DMC utilizes Nash-Consensus and applies market mechanisms of supply and demand to blockchain technology for the first time.
In DMC, anyone can provide storage services and earn incentives by sharing their own hard drive and bandwidth resources. Additionally, anyone can easily, quickly, and securely utilize DMC's storage services and receive corresponding incentives.
The future ecosystem of Datamall Chain mainly includes a series of products such as decentralized storage mining, DeFi, NFT, cross-chain bridge and cloud storage, and is committed to building a decentralized public chain.
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